One of our new clients spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries and consulting fees for a team of social media experts to build a social media program around Twitter and Facebook before they met us.  The unfortunate thing is that they got nothing for their dollars spent.  Sure, they got likes and followers but nothing that could be traced to the bottom line.  Money is too rare a commodity to waste it on a marketing endeavor that doesn’t translate directly to the bottom line.

The fact is that their particular product is more suited to a social media campaign such as Google Circles or LinkedIn, where they were spending zero dollars.  That’s where their target demographic was spending their time.  So for years, they just missed the place where their potential customers actually were.

The nature of the Internet is that there will always be another shiny object to chase after – or in this case another social media platform.  They all have their pluses and minuses.  But each targets a very different demographic and you have to hone in on the few that are suitable for your industry.  It isn’t “cool” to waste money just to be where the buzz is…it’s cool to feed your sales pipeline with people that might actually turn into customers or evangelists for your products or services.  You just have to be open to new possibilities when it comes to social media.