Today’s article in Search Engine Roundtable confirmed what expert SEOs and we have suspected for quite a while now: It is not possible to recover from a Penguin penalty until Google refreshes it’s algorithm. The last Penguin refresh was almost a year ago. So will it be another year, or a few days, or is a site meant to stay in a penalty box until forever?

There are certainly things we can do in the meantime to get you back up and running. And, of course, we can reverse the damage on your site for that fateful day when Google does decide to refresh its Penguin algorithm. But the uncertainty is what is costing site owners money. Many SEOs feel that this is punishment, and unjustly so. See the video below for a rant and more details:

Or you can read the announcement here.

Either way, we are available to counsel you as to your best courses of action in the meantime.