Counseling businesses on how to take advantage of web opportunities is one of the enjoyable things we do during the day.  It is especially gratifying to witness “light bulb moments” in potential clients as we have also experienced those moments when everything just clicks.  In the fast paced Internet world, there is no shortage of new things to learn and things to piece together in meaningful ways.  Knowing how to use the latest software, the latest tools, and state-of-the-art resources is not just a matter of reading the instructions and pushing a button, but being able to apply these to be able to help customers earn more money in their businesses.

Most of our clients want to understand what we are doing for their websites, but they are also keenly interested in why.  We try and break things down into simple speak so that they understand why some things work, others don’t and still others used to work and now no longer do.

Doing our job properly means making a difference to the bottom line.  Ranking does no good unless it translates to revenue…we feel the same about “pretty” websites.  Pretty is good if it helps conversions.  If it doesn’t, it’s just a distraction.

Internet marketing is quantifiable.  It is unlike previous types of marketing where results are hard to track such as magazine advertising or TV ads.  It is scalable as well which means what works here, will work there.  What works in a small test, will work in a larger rollout.