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The Color Hat Doesn’t Matter

You’ve probably heard people talking about black, grey and white hat SEO methods. We don’t mean to spoil the party, but anything you do to try and manipulate rankings is black hat. That’s because it is against Google’s Terms of Service to do any search engine manipulation.

That being said, SEO is not […]

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Rankings Race

It would be nice to be able to say that rankings don’t matter. But as we all know, they really matter especially when it comes to the bottom line of most companies. The difference in traffic between the first spot in organic results and the fourth spot in organic results can be four or […]

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Where do you start?

For some people, understanding what SEO is and what it can and cannot do is like a lot of things that have to do with the Internet – it is just too abstract a concept to grasp. We try to explain to our clients how things work in the digital world, but as […]

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